The Future of Electronic Music

                With our culture’s ever changing desire to find new music, our generation has been given the opportunity to experience an incredibly wide variety of electronic genres. Ranging from electro-soul to progressive and deep house, as well tropical house and even future bass, we are currently watching the rise of so many different sub genres of music it is hard to fathom. Electronic music has been gradually growing in popularity over the past decade, and with so many new types of music being released on a daily basis, it is hard to imagine where this music will be 5 years from today. Not to mention, new producers are popping up all over the globe, each possessing their own unique spin on a certain genre that makes for a unique new sound unlike anything heard before. For example, Australian future producer Flume has been exponentially rising in popularity as each new release exemplifies the sound that he has coveted so perfectly. This year alone, Flume sold out both of his headlining stops in Colorado, as well as filling out Red Rocks Amphitheatre more so than any other opener I have seen to date. Along with rising producers such as Cashmere Cat, Kygo, 20syl, and Odesza, we are beginning to watch an explosion of sound unlike anything any other generation has heard before us.

                It is extremely interesting to watch these different artists rise in popularity over each year, and with each new hit track or EP these artists release, the fan base only seems to increase at a higher rate than ever. Websites such as have become a worldwide platform for spreading new music, and with so many users and subscribes checking their streams on a daily basis, it is crazy to think about how much music is really out there for us all to hear. Similarly, there are so many small artists with such crazy potential who are still virtually undiscovered. With the rise of genres such as LoveTrap, artists like Just a Gent, $aturn, and Wave Racer are also weaving their way into this electronic musical explosion.

                It is inevitable that these producers will soon accumulate enough of a status to start their own tours, and with the start of these new tours, we are in for a change in the term EDM. I really hope that with all this immensely passionate rising new electronic music, we can watch the fall of big room house and the festival beats that give the scene such a negative connotation. Alas, this is all only speculation, and one can only wish for a better electronic scene and hope for the best. With that being said, we must all be aware of the up rise of so many incredibly talented producers spanning all over the globe. The future of electronic music is surprisingly bright, and I personally am extremely stoked to watch how it progresses over these next couple years.

Written By: Cooper Turley