The Power of Muisc

 Music. I think we can all resonate with the exciting anticipation and the gust of chills that consumes us when we experience music. Music is a universal language that we all share. We come together to embrace it. Music is a language that deeply identifies with what we could never possibly express with words. Music brings us home and fills us with a pure sense of comfort and bliss. It upheaves novel emotions that are so intense they simply cannot be described or labeled. These feelings are divine, so much so that they can only be truly understood if they are experienced. Music embraces all, while simultaneously unifying us and allowing us to share so much magic with one another. Music holds an incredible amount of power and potential. We all know how amazing music makes us all feel, but did you know that music has an immense amount of healing effects on our brains and physical bodies too?

   Not only does playing instruments improve our musical abilities, it also enhances our verbal and visual skills. A study on 8 to 11-year-olds found that children who took part in music classes developed higher verbal IQs and visual capabilities compared to those who did not partake in music classes (Forgeard et al., 2008). If you have listened to music you have felt that exciting blast of chills that travels up your spine? This is my absolute favorite feeling. A study by Nusbaum and Silvia (2010) states that 90% of us have! Interestingly, how often you feel the chills from music depends a lot on your personality. People who are more open to novel experiences are much more likely to feel more chills than someone who is not. Not feeling the chills? Try to let go of any physical or mental tension and let the music consume you. In addition to bringing about a severe case of the chills, music can also help prevent heart diseases. A review of 23 studies on nearly 1,500 patients found that listening to music “reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety” ( in patients with heart diseases (Bradt & Dileo, 2009).

   Have you ever listened to a song that causes you to see and feel a certain color? Naturally, different songs and types of music cause people to think of different colors. A study by Palmer et al. (2013) shows that people from the US and Mexico share significant similarities in connecting darker colors with sadder pieces of music and brighter colors with happier music. Following this, this study proved that these music-to-color associations occurred due to the emotional aspects of the music. Speaking of music causing us to visualize colors, there is evidence that music has the potential to bring back people’s vision! The majority of people who have had a stroke encounter damage on their visual areas of the brain. Studies have found that when patients listen to their favorite music, some of their visual attention becomes restored (Tsai et al., 2013). That is quite the miracle to me. In fact, music is a miracle! Can you imagine life without music? I surely can’t. Music colors our world, speaks to our souls, and resonates with us unlike anything else. There is nothing quite like the divine emotions and vast amount of physical and mental benefits music brings about. How lucky we are to be able to experience such beneficial, powerful vibrations. Music is a miracle.

Written By: Emily Rowe