The Spirit of TomorrowLand

TomorrowLand is a lingering reminder that fairytales do exist.  The festival appears to the world as a magical escape from reality where anything is possible.  The native Belgium event is known for the intrinsic overflowing of elaborate and dreamy production, which is complimented by some of the best performers in the world.  However, this fairytale story is not about TomorrowLand, but its sister festival, TomorrowWorld.  When citizens of the United States and TomorrowLand hopefuls received the breaking news that they could experience the magic of a far away land in their own country, sparks flew. TomorrowWorld gave new life to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia and awakened the mainstream American EDM festival scene.  It took some creative freedom and European persuasion to unveil an unlimited number of possibilities, but they did just that.  Ultimately, the festival shed an everlasting glow on an experience of a lifetime. 

TomorrowWorld drew in over 140,000 attendees from all over the world.  To the common festival goer this looked like another opportunity to dance and party.  But this was much more.  With 2013 being the first United States edition of the magical event, attendees had no idea what the actual reality of TommorowWorld had in store for them.  Little did they know it would forever be remembered as a true celebration of life, music, art, and unity.  Campers entered a one of a kind dream village, conveniently named, Dreamville.  Dreamville highlighted the very essence of the music festival, never letting the campers fall back into reality.  The heavy European influence and  21+ age restrictions also created a mature and peaceful environment, which citizens of TommorrowWorld flourished in.  No deaths or on site arrests were reported thus deeming the festival as a safe and friendly event, which the EDM scene desperately needed following the tragic events at Electric Zoo. 


The festival flowed in a free and friendly tangent constantly encompassing pioneers in their everyday adventures outside of its magical boundaries. With the massive success of the first edition of TomorrowWorld stemmed a community of pioneers and future festival attendees. This tight knit community stays in contact with one another exchanging Snapchat names, Facebook profiles, Instagrams, and other social media accounts. This band of people became friends and more importantly created a family.  With over 27,000 facebook group members, discussions of music, festivals, relationships, outfits, travel, you name it, are all actively deliberated.  Although with any family, disagreements do arise, but most are overlooked and quickly disregarded not daring to break the strong bond among the pioneers or new attendees.  There is a great deal more than just music happening at these festivals.  People are uniting all over the world under one sky.  Ethnicities, sexes, religions, and problems all melt away under the booming congregation of united love for one another.


Festivals are ultimately a place of unity.  A place where being different is acceptable and encouraged.  A place where there are no limits.  A place that embodies a breeding ground for innovative ideas and creative release.  And TomorrowWorld truly has perfected every aspect of a well functioning community of festival activity.  Do yourself a favor and embark on a life changing adventure.  Visit TomorrowWorld this September, we will definitely be there.


All photos belong to their respective owners. 


Written by Megan Holland