Top 4 most anticipated tours of 2015 


1: Excision Executioner Tour 2015 

For the past couple year’s Excision has blessed the electronic community with one of the most outstanding and visually stimulating video/light production in the game.  Yet, on this upcoming tour this will be the last time to see excision with this intense light/video production.  However it wouldn’t be an excision show without 150,000 watts of pure bone rattling PK sound, am I right? Luckily Excision is bringing that with so many more surprises in store.  This tour is going to be one for the books, especially for Colorado Excision fans, not only will he be ending his tour in Colorado but also at the most beloved venue in the entire US. He will be taking the stage at Red Rocks Annual event “Global Dub Festival.” Yet what makes this tour really special? What makes this tour so special is that the highly respected Protohyhpe & Minnesota will be accompanying Excision on this tour.  Gather all your friends, and get your tickets asap you’re not gunna want to miss this.  



2: Datsik "Ninja Nation" Tour                                                                                                                               

Dastik “Troy Beetles” has been one of the keen dubstep producers in the Canadian and American music scene. In his upcoming tour “The Ninja Nation Tour” he will be returning with not only new music but also being accompanied by ETC! ETC!, Kennedy Jones, Truth, and so many more. In this tour Troy will be going all across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver, and all across the US from Boston to four nights in Colorado. For his tour he will be unleashing his new EP  “Down 4 My Ninjas” for all of our eardrums to enjoy. On Troy’s EP we can see artists like Walt Grizzly, DJ Paul K. O. M., all producing with him to splice together an odyssey of pure bone shattering dubstep. Along with that, Troy will be bringing his renowned Vortex 3.0 light and video production. All in all, Troy is sparing no expense on this tour for his fans.




3: Knife Party “Abandon Ship”  Tour


All right, we’ve all been waiting for this for a long time. Although knife party hasn’t released new music since “Nam” at least that’s what it feels like, these two Brits are sparing no expense on this tour. After releasing their 12 song album anticipation has been rising too see if these two guys are still in the game. And honestly, their “Abandon Ship” album will be one for the books. On this album they utilize their own sound of house and dubstep but also evolve to create a new sound with better breaks, better beats, and overall better sound. On this tour Knife Party will be hitting venues from the “Concord Music Hall” in Chicago to the renowned “Beta Nightclub” in Denver. Yet for all of you international followers, you can catch this explosive duo at Future Music Festival and Holy Ship!




4:  Lettuce “A Funk Odyssey” Tour


These Funk lovers are ready for 2015, with an explosive tour that will revolutionize what the term funk even means. For all of you who don’t know who lettuce funk are, they are a 7 person group from NYC that have paved there way in the modern funk industry. In this tour Lettuce Funk will be accompanied by the duo of Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee or better know as Break Science. However on this tour one show really stands out for all funk lovers. This show being at the beautiful Red Rocks with other funkateers of The Motet, if you’re a funk lover and you’re not at this show I’d suggest you reconsider. What makes this show even better is that The Motet is from Denver! Making this show a hometown throw down! Yet, if you can’t make it out to this show, never fear their tour goes from coast to coast and everything in 


Written by, Chris Urbanek