Top 5 Most Creative Stages 


1: Fractal Forest @ Shambhala Music Festival 

Shambhala is the pinacle of EDM in Canada, the community and talent that this festival brings is nothing short of a spectacle. The Fractal Forest Stage has housed artists such as GRiZ, Kill Paris, and JPOD to name a few. What this stage brings is a combination of intricate art installations and light production that just put everyone who gazes upon it in awe. Shambhala invites all to the fractal forest by saying, “Please join us on our funky spaceship for this epic journey to the 12th dimension and back.” If that doesn’t make you want to go to the fractal forest, I don’t know what will. Having a pyramid in the center that is on an old-growth cedar tree stump gives the audience a 360-degree view of the artists playing, along with having suspended jagged disks that display different geometric patterns all throughout the fractal forest. The ingenuity that Shambhala brings to create the fractal forest is truly an enlightening experience.


2: Q- Dance Stage @ Mysterland USA 

The Q-Dance label is always flooding with creativity in their stages.  Having festivals all around the world really puts pressure on the designers to create something spectacular, but the Mysterland Q-Dance Stage is my personal favorite. This Q-Dance stage is depicted as the Greek Mythological creature, Medusa. This stage has everything you could ever want, such as lasers, geometric art, intricate light placements, and so much more. The myth behind Medusa is that any one who dares to stare into her eyes will turn to stone. Although you won’t turn to stone if you look into the stages eyes, you will be petrified by the ingenuity behind every laser and sound portrayed.


3:  Red Stage @ Defqon1 

Defqon1 has been an astounding Q-Dance festival since its opening in 2003 in Almere, Netherlands. Since then, the festival has spread to all corners of the world and created a huge frenzy, especially in Australia. The stages at Defqon1 are truly jaw dropping, but none more so than The Red Stage. This stage utilizes three separate “masks” to create one mesmerising stage.  These masks look as though they have a tribal influence on it, along with incorporating Defqon1’s original symbol in the center.


4: Main Stage @ WiSH Outdoor Festival (2013) 

Kids often dream of having their own tree house; a place where they can go on adventures and explore their childlike fantasies. However, if you weren’t one of those lucky kids that had a tree house, then look no further. WiSH Outdoor Festival in the Netherlands assimilated the use of a child’s dream of a tree house into their main stage.  This stage has it all; it splices together a authentic tree house look with a woodland creature home to create something of pure imagination. At night, though, is when the true colors of this stage flourish. The combination of fireworks, LED windmills, piano key archways, and bass will make anyone want to fall down the rabbit hole to this beautiful stage.


5: Kinetic Field @ Electric Daisy Carnival (2013) 

This face-warping stage can be compared to a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland;  Insomniac Productions doesn't lack creativity when it comes to this stage. The stage incorporates the Artists booth in the center with a beautifully placed cosmic Owl around it that inspires nothing but inquiry and mystery in each attendee. What I love about this stage is that I’ve never seen anything like it- it’s so unique. Surrounding the cosmic owl DJ booth, you can see that there are numerous neon mushrooms, flowers, and vines that add to this mystifying stage. In physics, kinetic energy is the energy possessed from motion. The energy possessed from gazing upon this stage will make anyone dance until their legs fall off.

Written by Chris Urbanek