This year's Lights All Night is packing some serious heat within their lineup, and we're not just referring to the headliners.  Many of you may be wondering what the must see acts of the festival will be due to the massive noise overload already on its way to Texas.  Well, we got you covered.  Sit back, relax, and take notes.  These are the must see 5 sets at this year’s Lights All Night (In no particular order):



With the massive success of their newly released album, "In Return" this American duo brings the perfect amount of ambient, genre-defying music into their sets.  Their previous album, "Summer's Gone" initially took the electronic music community into an unexplored sound where dreams and reality collide.  Their live performances across North America have mostly been sell outs and they are quite a rare treat to see on only a few of the festival lineups this year.  Don't miss your chance to see some real artists at work before the New Year.  Catch their set on Saturday.  

 2. Tchami


Hailing from France, Martin Bresso, more commonly known as Tchami has been stirring up the American EDM scene with his version of “future house”.  An expert in bassline heavy house remixes and sporting his priest attire at most of his sets; this daredevil is way more than just his music, he is a movement.  He evokes spirituality through his music and aims to reach peaceful boundaries while delivering his messages full force through the decks.  He has most recently been featured on Annie Mac’s Most Played November mix and also has just released his newest remix, “Pushing On”.  Catch his sermon on Friday and get inspired. 

 3. Audien

This 22 year old pioneer is redefining trance with his new Van Halen remix and on stage presence.  Nate initially started creating hardcore rock music with his friends when he found a much more suitable musical environment streaming frequencies at 128 bpm.  His sets are about as unpredictable as they come as the young producer actively changes up his music with how he feels.   



4. Zed’s Dead


It’s always a party with these two Canadians.  After playing some of the biggest and best festivals in the world, these two are a TOP must see act.  The energy they bring with them is undeniably equivalent to a NASA space ship blasting off into outer space.  These guys pack ambience, drum and bass, grime, dubstep, and anything else you can possibly imagine into one big bass slap to dome. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS DUO.

 5. Whyel

The newest emerging EDM star on our top 5 sets to see has to be no other than whyel, representing that panda funk in good old texas.  His newest track “Ray Ban” showcases everything that the Panda Fam is about, which is pretty much high energy, Melbourne bounce, and electro house all rolled into one.  Don’t miss out on this cat’s set on Saturday. 

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Written by Megan Holland.