Top 8 Sets to See at Snowball

The classic Colorado music festival, Snowball, is slowly approaching us. It will make its return on April 4-6 at Sports Authority Field in Denver. If you are attending, or on the fence about getting a ticket to this year’s bash, one good look at the line-up should have you sold. Here's my top 8 sets for Snowball this year:


#8 The Floozies

The duo of Matt and Mark Hill will be supplying the funk for this festival. They love to make funk remixes of great old songs like “Shakedown Street” by The Grateful Dead but also keep it funky fresh releasing their own music. Four months ago they released, on SoundCloud, a mixtape titled Tell Your Mother. You can look for them to drop some great remixes and some of their own funky tracks at this festival.


#7 What So Not

Hailing from Sydney, Australia this duo will be bringing some heavy trap to Snowball this year. What So Not has recently done work creating tracks with RL Grime and has had multiple remixes of their song High Are You. The audience should also look for their two relatively new killer singles Touched and Jaguar.


#6 Kap Slap

Jared Lucas from New York will be bringing a lot of energy to the stage at Snowball. He recently released three electrifying remixes of the songs: Animals by Martin Garrix, Timber by Pitbull, and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. If you're trying to get the blood flowing and do some jumping, Kap Slap will be at Snowball to pump you up.


#5 heRobust

If you have not heard of heRobust, a quick search on SoundCloud will definitely perk your ears up. The DJ from Atlanta, Georgia really knows how to drop the bass. His mix of the song She Know She Bad is guaranteed to blow some speakers this year. Look for heRobust to blow some eardrums with his ground shaking bass this year at Snowball.



I have seen MiMOSA perform at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Co and I can say I am sure that he will be putting on just as great of a show, if not better, at Snowball this year. MiMOSA likes to create his own style, which is what makes him unique to see live.  The audience should be looking for him to drop songs from his latest album Future Trill Vol. 2.


#3 GRiZ

This DJ from Detroit, Michigan will be adding some spice to the sound of Snowball this year. He released an album titled Mad Liberation on September 5, 2012 that expanded his popularity on internet music media sources like SoundCloud. The audience should look forward to hearing his goovy new remix of the Lettuce song “Slippin Into Darkness.” His electronic version of funk will be the incubator for some killer vibes and some killer times this year at Snowball.


#2 Knife Party

This duo from London, Britain will make one of the best shows of Snowball. While Knife Party has not dropped any new viral tracks in the last year, they are still a classic. However, Knife Party plans to change that by spending most of 2014 in the studio, playing very few shows. So make it a priority to catch thier set!  For someone who is going to see them, you should expect to hear all of their classic singles like Internet Friends and Bonfire. This will also be accompanied by a killer light show, something that Knife Party always seems to bring to the stage.


#1 Pretty Lights

Derek Vincent Smith or better known as Pretty Lights from Fort Collins, CO will be headlining Snowball this year. Pretty Lights is a legend among those who attend EDM concerts. On July 2, 2013 he dropped his newest album titled “A Color Map of the Sun.” People should look forward to hearing him drop some originals and some great remixes of songs off that album. Pretty Lights is known for putting on a great show and will definitely make a great show to finish up Snowball this year.


Written by: Patrick Walsh