Emerging Artist: TroyBoi



With an immense world of electronic music right under our noses, there are thousands of artists waiting to make it big.  But with more and more music being released every single day things can sometimes get repetitive; when you find an artist who creates music that is different from the rest it catches your ear.

TroyBoi, a trap producer from South East London, is emerging from the European electronic music scene extremely influenced by house styles.  This DJs love for drops has developed into an approach that is recognizably unique.  Signed with U.S. producer Jim Beanz, TroyBoi has many tracks where he values the “[specialization of] extraordinarily unique, versatile, and highly musical trap beats.

Songs by TroyBoi, such as “Souls” and “Memoirs of an Angel,” feature worldy melodies; incorporating violins, bells, and horn-like sounds into real trap music that allures the listener.  With a style that resembles the music of a snake charmer, TroyBoi has stepped outside of the box to deliver music that is so refined, and almost disguised, that when you realize it is trap you will find yourself in awe.

On the side, TroyBoi works with fellow producer Icekream making music under the stage name SoundSnobz.  Together they collaborate their individual ideas into a single flow of melodically superior trap music.  Using unlikely sounds, such as in “TUT” and “The Originalz,” SoundSnobz creates a pleasing blend of two exceptional artists.

If you enjoy surprise, aestheticism, and individuality in the music you listen to TroyBoi is one producer that should not be looked over.  With extreme fluidity, TroyBoi’s tracks begin in an almost unexpected, mysterious matter where when the beat drops you will be blown away.  Check out his sound at https://soundcloud.com/troyboi!

Written By: Andrea Inscoe