Upcoming Bassnectar Album Hype


Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, has spent the last five months deep within the Bassnectar Labs producing one of the most anticipated albums of 2014. Currently, all official Bassnectar social mediated websites state, “Temporarily off the grid- it’s time to make music. Swimming in the Deep End.” The “King of the Sound” has done exactly that. Usually filled with “family photos,” socially aware opinions, and humanitarian posts, Bassnectar’s social media sites have stayed relatively quiet- only announcing festival plans for the upcoming summer. The Bassnectar crew has decided to take time off touring this spring, a rare occurrence for the non-stop producer. Typically on the road for more weeks out of the year than not, this break in touring has Bassnectar fans craving a preview of Ashton’s new music. Ashton reemerged onto the Internet on April 2nd, giving curious fans a brief glimpse into what has been happening deep within the recording studio.

Known for blurring lines between genres, Bassnectar has never been one to stick to a particular sound or style of electronic music. In regards to the upcoming album, Ashton has declared that he “set out to write an album which would really represent my diverse tastes in music.” Ashton has branched out to all types of musical influences, stemming from gangster rap, classical, and jazz to downtempo, glitch hop, and trance. A large fan of collaboration, the bass-heavy producer has reached out to fellow producers, musicians, singer/songwriters, and entire live bands to help build this upcoming album. Ashton wrote all sorts of songs and sent them out to his collaborators asking them to “write to it, riff to it, and mash it up.” By the end of Bassnectar’s Immersive Tour, he reportedly had “almost enough music for an entire album that sounded like some weird indie rock band… still no beats, and no bass.” This unique approach to his album was only the beginning, however.


For the rest of 2013, Ashton spent his time recording new ideas and concocting a plan for an album unlike any other. As Bassnectar’s iconic 11,000-person New Year’s Eve event in Nashville, TN marked the end of touring for six months, 2014 marked the beginning of the birth of Ashton’s new album. Ashton has since rigorously ripped apart and dissected the collaborative tracks from the inside out- adding a healthy dose of his signature heavy bass along the way. As of now, there have been twenty-six new Bassnectar tracks created with the help of fifty other people in ten different studios and six different cities. Ashton has announced collaborations with rappers such as Chuck Inglish and The Cool Kids, along with Bassnectar collaboration veteran Mimi Page. An official release date of the much-anticipated album has not been announced. However, Ashton has announced that the album will consist of thirteen diverse tracks. For now, the bass music perfectionist has the daunting task of determining which thirteen songs will make the cut. One thing made clear by Ashton is that he does not care whether his vast fan base loves or hates his fresh music, “I’m making what I love, and I feel so grateful when I look ahead at all the amazing opportunities I will get this year to play these songs – and remix them and reinvent them.”

Bassnectar is scheduled to resurface from the Bassnectar Labs Memorial Day weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival New York and Summer Camp Music Festival. Until then, Bass Heads patiently wait for new music- dreaming, hoping, and anticipating something that is sure to be nothing less than amazing.

Written By: David Giovannini