Waka Flocka Looking for a Full-Time Blunt Roller


With unemployment steadily decreasing and hitting 6.1 percent in August, unique job opportunities are once again becoming more common. The latest example of is rapper Waka Flocka Flame offering $50,000 annual salary for an individual to be his full-time blunt roller. The peculiar job opening was first announced via an Instagram post on Monday (Sep 15) which states:

The post has since received 14.9k likes and an abundance of applications with the icanroll hashtag as requested, prompting the Atlanta MC to clarify the job application process via Twitter:

Seth Rogan jumped on the position opening late on Monday night when he tweeted:

No word on whether the actor also fulfilled the resume requirement but if the movie “Pineapple Express” is to go by, his “blunt-rolling” ability should not be in question. What is in question, however, is what the state of Georgia would make of such a job title. Waka Flocka’s home state is currently attempting to legalize recreational marijuana use but with the legislation not yet being passed, perspective “blunt-rollers” are better suited to look for opportunities with actual health benefits.


Written by Steve Stoytchev