What Bonnaroo Does Best

           The Bonnaroo music and art festival is one of the original and top festivals in the US. Last year’s headliners included John Lennon and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and at this year’s 13th annual Bonnaroo fans will be seeing Jack White, Kanye West, and Elton John on the big stage. Taking place in Manchester, Tennessee on June 12th-15th, Bonnaroo is the place to be. Want to know what makes Roo so special? Read on!


1. Price:

             Bonnaroo is hands down the festival with the most bang for your buck. Most festivals in the US are three days, while Bonnaroo is four and it’s still cheaper! With early bird tickets starting at $234 and the fourth and final tier at $284, the cost beats Coachella by almost $100 at the most expensive price level! That means you get a whole extra day to see your favorite artists and save a large sum of money.


2. Camping:

       Camping on a dusty farmland might not sound ideal to everyone, but it’s all part of the Bonnaroo experience. Half of the fun is meeting your neighbors, and surviving the heat with new friends. The camaraderie found in the campground is shared by all; positive attitudes surround you, and high fives are thrown to complete strangers. Best of all, along with camping comes an insomniac event. Shows run until dawn, and Centeroo never shuts down. There is never someone kicking you out or telling you to return to your hotel. You’re completely immersed in the world of Bonnaroo for four days straight, and there’s never a moment to break to illusion until you return to the real world Monday morning.


3. Police:

       Once inside the farm, cops are not an issue. The drive to Bonnaroo can be a bit tantalizing as there are policemen scouring the interstate, but as soon as you enter the campgrounds, the police force is almost non-existent. Every once in awhile you’ll come across a man on a horse, but he’s not there to punish you, he’s only there for safety precautions. As for security, they’re volunteers! They are just like the fans; they attend for the music except they go for free in exchange for their hard work and dedication to the festival.


4. Environmentally friendly:

        The people behind Bonnaroo care about the environment. Since day one, they have worked to be a green festival by composting, recycling, and renting from local companies; therefore reducing the carbon footprint. After eleven years of growth, the festival now has a paperless ticketing system, promotes their rideshare program, single- use water bottles are banished to staff, and to prove their greenness they’ve won seven “A Greener Fest Awards” in a row. Most impressively they installed a 50- kilowatt solar section, which now powers the entire festival right from the site.


5. The Lineup:

           Bonnaroo’s lineup is always special for one reason: it appeals to everyone. Whether you’re a rocker or raver or maybe you prefer singer/songwriter shows, it doesn’t matter because you’ll find four full days of every genre you’d expect at a festival. With the various artists comes a diverse crowd as well. People from all over with different music tastes come together to create a brief, but spectacular world of their own.

Get more information on the festival here: http://www.bonnaroo.com


Written by: Rachel Oldham