"Year of Caprese" Album Review

Let’s get one thing straight before we go in to the beautiful details of this album- Cherub is sex. Their 80’s influence combined with kinky lyrics creates a sound that can only be described as baby making music. Seriously, Cherub could be the soul reason for the next baby boomer era.

Over the past few months Nashville based duo, Cherub, has slowly released their debut album with Colombia Records, a brilliant scheme to raise the hype surrounding the pair, and on May 19th they surprise released the entire album on Spotify a week early- THANK YOU.

We do not own this photo

We do not own this photo

Five months ago the first two songs were released. “Tonight”, a pop ballad featuring Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) on the saxophone, and “Lifesaver”, one of the more upbeat tracks of the album, are instant additions to any party playlist. “Tonight” gave us a taste of the sensual side of Year of Caprese, but there was no way to know just how seduced we would all be after the first full listen of the album.  “Lifesaver” on the other hand gets you up and groovy like so many other Cherub tracks before. It’s been five months, both song are on my top 25 most played on ITunes, and I can confidently say I am not sick of either song- a sign of true craftsmanship.

About a month ago the outstanding gem of the album was released. If you couldn’t already tell from the title “Freaky Me, Freaky You”, this song is absolutely tantalizing. It evokes every sense of desire in your body. Somehow, someway Cherub has taken vulgar lyrics like “Fuck that, put her on the mat. Ass so fat good head to match, she ride me fast like she’s running track” and made them sexy. HOW. I’m not entirely sure, but I couldn’t be happier about it.

Another standout of the album is “<3”. Everything about this song is unusual. Unlike the standard lyrics from Cherub, Jordan’s croons aren’t seducing some lucky woman, but instead threaten to take a sledgehammer to some bitch’s car. The last minute and a half of this track is the most unexpected, engaging, and gorgeous part of the entire album. It becomes completely acoustic and Jordan’s voice leaves you no choice but to suffer his pain. Never have I wondered what an unplugged Cherub would sound like, but now it’s the only thing on my mind.

We do not own this photo

We do not own this photo


Those of you that gave this album only a single listen probably hated “Strip to This”, but listen again- it’s brilliant. It’s the Beach Boys meets Lil Wayne. So vulgar, yet so doo- op-e, and if the lyric “she twerkin’ for a meal tonight” doesn’t make you smile then bless your soul and fix your humor.

For Cherub this is a game-changing album. Not only do they maintain their party boy reputation, but they stake their claim as erotic geniuses. These boys are on the road to royalty status, and they’re on the road all summer too (unfortunately half of the time in Europe)! Catch them whenever you can because Cherub throws an epic party every night where anything is possible- even a guy flaunting his tattoo of Jordan and Jason’s faces on his ass.


Side note: We may be sick of seeing “Doses and Mimosas” on every track list Cherub releases, but can you blame them- it’s still awesome.


Written By: Rachel Oldham